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Award Winning Care

Nurse-Guided Care – The New Standard

Our highly experienced, Registered Nurse (RN) oversees the care and well being of each resident.

  • ✓ Initial resident assessment and development of a personalized Care Plan
  • ✓ Regular in-person visits with residents
  • ✓ Quarterly update and reassessment
  • ✓ Ongoing training of our Certified Caregivers
  • ✓ A nurse is on call 24/7 for special needs or questions from residents, family or caregivers

24/7 Watchfulness

In some assisted living residences, it’s the middle of the night and everyone’s asleep – unfortunately so are the caregivers. At North Scottsdale Retreat, we find this completely unacceptable. That’s why – In every Trusted Care Homes residence, there will always be a certified, trained caregiver awake and alert, because your needs don’t come with a time clock.

The Latest Research Is The Basis Of Our Care

Trusted Care Homes works with, or closely follows, today’s leading research programs focused on successful aging

  • ✓ MacArthur Foundation Research Network On Successful Aging
  • ✓ Buck Institute at UCLA- the groundbreaking program aimed at preventing cognitive decline
  • ✓ Our on-staff memory care specialist acts as a resource for our residents and their families, providing up-to-date information on the growing number of resources and research programs available in the greater Phoenix area.

Thriving at Any Age

Instead of just helping our residents get through the day, at North Scottsdale Retreat we want you to thrive. Thus, the care we provide is based on the “4 Keys Of Successful Aging”:

  • ✓ Remain physically active
  • ✓ Incorporate mental stimulation into your daily life
  • ✓ Maintain a good social network with emotional support
  • ✓ Include a sense of purpose in life