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Not Just Assisted Living... Enhanced Living


When people and their families choose an assisted living lifestyle, they often fear the loss of independence and family ties. At Trusted Care Homes, we’re changing this by placing the emphasis on living. Done right, it truly brings added freedom to our residents.

  • ✓ Freedom from shopping, cooking, and cleaning
  • ✓ Freedom from chores, laundry, and fixing things
  • ✓ Freedom to do what you want to do
  • ✓ Freedom from being alone

With a maximum of ten residents per spacious home, Trusted Care Homes are perfectly sized to provide superb personal care and a stimulating, friendly environment.

Friend time, private time, family time – anytime.

IN2L technology available in every room – Mobile app for family.

Scottsdale Retreat – Beautiful, modern spacious house caters to a maximum of only ten residents. A perfect size for you.

You’ll absolutely love the freshly prepared meals and snacks.

5 To 1 Ratio Of Senior Caregivers To Residents

We go to this length because we understand the importance of providing the absolute best care for our residents and for the peace of mind of their loved ones.


As nice as our resident rooms and suites are, we highly encourage mixing, mingling, and friendship. Residents can choose from various one-on-one and group activities daily.

One of the most underappreciated aspects of Enhanced Living is social interaction with friends of our own generation and engaging in activities that both stimulate the mind and the body. Those who participate just feel better and happier.

Happiness Is A Worthy Goal – At Any Age

We believe in the statement that, to be happy a person needs but three things in their life

  • ✓ Something to do
  • ✓ Someone to love
  • ✓ Something to look forward to

This is what we strive to provide to our residents every single day.