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9 Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum

Believe it or not, there are some significant benefits to chewing gum. In fact, according to a St. Lawrence University study, subjects that chewed gum exhibited better overall cognitive function than non-gum chewers. Also, gum chewing has been shown to decrease our stress hormone cortisol, helping to ease feelings of anxiety. Medical studies have shown that reaching for a stick of gum over a snack helps to curb cravings and reduces over-eating. If you’re constipated, gum chewing acts as a natural laxative by improving production of our gastric juices. So don’t hesitate next time you find yourself reaching for a stick of gum.

Key Takeaways:

According to a 2011 study, there are some significant health benefits associated with chewing gum.
Medical studies actually show that chewing gum in between meals reduces snacking and can help suppress one’s appetite.
Believe it or not, gum chewing acts as a natural laxative by stimulating the production of one’s gastric juices.
“If you’re slammed with a case of the midday munchies, popping in some gum over that bag of chips may be beneficial to your weight-loss regimen.”

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