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Activities with a Purpose

The 4 Keys to Successful Aging

At the core of our care philosophy are the following 4 Keys of Successful Aging based on almost two decades of research from the MacArthur Foundation.

  • ✓ Remain physically active
  • ✓ Incorporate mental stimulation into your daily life
  • ✓ Maintain a good social network with emotional support
  • ✓ Include a sense of purpose in life

The wide variety of fun activities we provide for our residents are planned based on their support of these 4 key areas.

The following are some examples of these activities.

Remain Physically Active

  • ✓ Daily walks
  • ✓ Gardening
  • ✓ Dance classes
  • ✓ Exercise classes
  • ✓ Senior yoga
  • ✓ 1-on-1 exercise sessions with our certified personal trainer

Incorporate Mental Stimulation into your Lifestyle

  • ✓ Art classes
  • ✓ Cooking classes
  • ✓ Trivia games
  • ✓ Bingo
  • ✓ Casino night
  • ✓ Puzzles & board games
  • ✓ Card games
  • ✓ Online brain games

Maintain a Good Social Network with Emotional Support

  • ✓ Simple one-touch technology that connects residents to family and friends via video chat
  • ✓ The ability for family members to easily upload family photos and videos via facebook or manual upload
  • ✓ Escorted trips to visit family outside the home
  • ✓ Opportunities for intergenerational friendship development

Strengthen Your Sense of Purpose in Life

  • ✓ Bible study and worship services available
  • ✓ Legacy Book – An opportunity for our staff to capture the resident’s life story or favorite memories and preserve them into a permanent high quality hardcover book for the family. ( This is a research backed activity that fosters purpose and provides fulfillment for both the resident and family members.)
  • ✓ House sponsored child from Haiti (Anderson) – Our residents have opportunities to communicate with and track the progress of Anderson.
  • ✓ Opportunities to give back through mentoring or volunteering with local charities who come to the home.
  • ✓ Hometown Research – Our team can provide regular information about your loved one’s hometown or area in which they grew up.
  • ✓ Genealogy – Assistance with genealogy research to discover your loved one’s heritage
  • ✓ Hobbies – Opportunities and resources to pursue areas of interest to our residents
  • ✓ Continued learning – Access to books or customized videos based on subjects of interest.

Other Activities and Amenities

  • ✓ Music – Enjoy your favorite music with a house provided mp3 player and headphones loaded with your favorite songs and the music genre you love.
  • ✓ Beauty salon – Relax and enjoy our in house salon and spa services.
  • ✓ Massages provided by our visiting massage therapist.
  • ✓ Special diet preferences or opportunity to develop a specialized diet with our nutritionist.