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How to Help Your Aging Parent Get Proper Nutrition

As a person ages, it’s not abnormal for them to eat much less. This can occur because the individual is less active or simply because they are no longer willing or able to properly prepare food. While a lower overall caloric intake may be appropriate, an aging parent still needs proper nutrition. There are ways that you can support your loved one in this effort. Try making them a healthy smoothie when you are visiting. Boil some nutrient-rich eggs and put them in their refrigerator to eat all week. Or make them a big batch of soup, portion it out, and freeze it for future meals.

Key Takeaways:

improper nutrition in seniors happens for a variety of reasons such as appetite changes, taste changes, affordability, and ability to prepare foods
Choose foods that are bright in colors, preferably no pre prepped if possible
take the time to chop up foods and prep them for meals to be assembled later.
“Malnutrition is common in seniors, which can affect their risk for diseases and their ability to fight disease. Some things caregivers can do to help aging parents maintain a healthy diet is collaborate with them on ways to get in the proper nutrients or ensure they have simple meals and snacks ready to go.”

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